Train your next cohort of Sports Leaders

The PlayMaker Award aims to give learners the skills and knowledge to be able to assist in leading their own games and activities in primary school, at break times or lunchtimes, as part of out of school hours clubs, or even at home.


What is the PlayMaker Award?

The PlayMaker Award is a great introduction into leadership giving learners knowledge of how to organise small games and activities that can be used during curricular and extra- curricular time, lunchtimes, breaks, as well as in sports clubs outside school hours. The PlayMaker Award aims to help learners develop leadership skills such as organisation, communication and teamwork, as well as helping to build confidence and self-esteem as they take on the responsibility of assisting in leading their peers and younger children.

Who is the PlayMaker Award for?

Anyone can become a PlayMaker, regardless of their sporting experience or prowess. The PlayMaker Award is designed in a way so that learners can participate and learn about key leadership skills. The recommended age range is 9-11.

How is the PlayMaker Award delivered?

Delivery of the PlayMaker award requires a minimum of six hours delivery and contact time. The award can be delivered as dedicated PlayMaker Award lessons, before school, lunchtime or after school clubs, or as a one-day course.

Is there any formal assessment?

Learners will receive a Leadership Journal which they can use to record what they have done during the course; what they have learnt, what they have enjoyed and what they found most challenging. Certificates will be awarded once learners have completed the core elements of the PlayMaker Award and have put PACE into practice. Tutors, parents and other adults who may be involved in supporting the learner can also comment in the Leadership Journal.

6 key reasons to deliver the PlayMaker Award:

1. Focus on the four core areas of leadership – Participants, Area, Communication and Equipment.

2. Includes access to comprehensive resources which are easy to use.

3. Leadership challenges give ideas on how PlayMakers can put their basic leadership skills into practice after the course.

4. Links with the home encourages home/school links through the inclusion of home-based activities and by asking parents/carers to contribute to learners’ Leadership Journals.

5. Additional recognition of achievement through downloadable Bronze, Silver, Gold and Outstanding Achievement certificates.

6. Supports Key Stage 2 curriculum for English, physical education, PSHE and citizenship.


1 Full Day: £325 +VAT

2 Half Days: £375 +VAT

6 1 Hour Sessions: £500 +VAT

All our packages come with:

· An experienced PSCL tutor to deliver the PlayMaker course at your school

· PlayMaker journal for each child

· Activity cards fully laminated to be used post training

· Certificates for all learners who complete the award

· Places for 12 children

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